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Lyric You Still Own Me

I put a for sale sign on the front of my truck
Said call anytime cause I m always up
Make an offer, one that I won t refuse
I bought a one way ticket on a west bound plane
Four hours later I was wearing shades in California
Just hanging loose

I didn t pack one memory
Oh and even though i m free

I can go where I wanna go
Do what I wanna do
Be who I wanna be
But baby
You still own me
Say what I wanna say
Hear what I wanna hear
Dream what I wanna dream
But baby
You still own me

I was up all night cause I couldn t sleep
Instead of staring at the ceiling I hit the beach
I took a long walk, it didn t help me much
Sat down in the sand with a handful of shells
Kicked off my shoes while me myself and I watched
The sun come up

Looking out across the sea
It s finally dawned on me

(Repeat Chorus)

Maybe I m not in your arms
But you still own my heart

(Repeat Chorus)