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Lyric She Neva Seen

[Verse 1]
It was a hot night in August, (hot August night), humid
Hit the store to get some O.J. to shroom with
Ooh shitty, I m in the world s biggest little city
Seen a girl with some big ass titties
Top notch sadditty, bitch knew she was pretty
Get goosed in the city, get your purse took
When I stepped in her life she felt the earth shook
Before I spit the first hook, let me lace ya
Fucked her, had her crying like somebody maced her
Gave her a taste of some real macaroni
She swore she would do, anything for me
That s no bologna, baby brought me bread
Freaked me on the freeway on the 80 gave me head
She neva seen, a savage in Tims
Push a S5 sittin on some Davin rims

[Beat Bridge]

[Verse 2]
Listen, you wouldn t want to miss this
I met this bitch the night before Christmas
Baby made my hitlist Christmas night
She let a nigga hit by Christmas lights
This bitch was tight, just my type
Barely right ride a dick like a bike
Eat a dick like pipe quick late night hype
Them the kind of thangs that makes my night
The steak ain t right without the A-1
So I stay dipped in sauce and they come
Like baby did, like that nigga old lady did
Like Karen, Kameka, and Katie did
It s crazy kid
Mommy on my bozac, I m pimpin and she knows that, nigga where the hoes at
Bet they neva seen, a sav in Tims
Push a S5 sittin on some Davin rims

[Beat Bridge]

[Verse 3]
Me and black jesus went to Rosaritas
Seen senoritas eating carnitas
I was rocking my adidas sneakers
Told the waitress give my fajitas
Gold teethas, never speechless
Gave me the number with a Fairfield prefix
Dipped to the cougar, put up the ruger
In the stash spot, a wise maneuver
Put up the cougar, pulled out the MB
California Hot Boy, MD
The boss, that do the firing and hiring
Sweat a broad, I keep them prespiring
She s admiring the way I slide
The way I ride, and her boyfriend lied
She neva seen a sav in Tims
Push a S5 sittin on some Davin rims

[Ending Chorus 2X]
She only see s me with European keys
She only see s me with woodgrain sprees
She only see s me with Champelli trees
She only see s me having hella G s