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Lyric Confused

Sitting at home with my head in my hands
Wondering what the day s gonna bring
Sitting alone with my feet in the sand
Been waiting for a change in direction
Dreaming of days when the night never came
Wishing for a night with no day
Dreaming of a life where the bulb never blows
Wishing to be left in the darkness

Today I know where I m going
Tomorrow I ll be somewhere else
This morning I ll be a somebody
This evening I m finding myself
Well are you confused, I guess you would be, so, so am I

Thinking of people calling my name but living life in solitude
Thinking of receiving an OBE, but it was over before I knew
Thinking of kissing a girl in the park but I d rather be walking my dog
Thinking of teaching myself to play chess but i d rather play drafts instead