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Lyric The American

I will always love you
Uncertainty I love you
Spacious skies I love you
I ll find new ways to love you
All these miles of ghostly west
The Hopis lost to Spain
Now belong to me
I m the American
I could be a cowboy
Or just a hired hand
Twisters come in April
And rearrange the land
Pick me up and throw me west
A thousand miles from home
Dreaming up my fix
I m the American
Abilene, old New Mexico
High and dry
Flagstaff Arizone
Cool water
Sipping silver stream
This is my
American dream
I know a squaw in Winslow
Who swears by candlelight
She said she d leave the back door
Open tonight
Three weeks pay will keep me off
The wrong side of the law
Dreaming up my fix
Getting somewhere quick
I m the American
And I ll always love you