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Lyric Nearer To Death

The Rooms Smells Dumb And Death
Everybody Catch Their Breath
Suspense And Deathly Hush
You re Ready To Try Your Luck

Don t Go Beyond The Bounds Of Reason
It s A Matter Of Life And Death
It s Time To Pass A Resolution
You ve Already Come Close To Death

To Death

Money, Bets And Wagers
It Won t Have Two Winners
Games And Depravity
Russian Roulette s Still In Be

You re Prepared To Take Part In This Game
You Do It To Earn Your Living
It s A Long Time You ve Got A Bad Name
Now It s Your Turn And You re Sweating

To Death

Life Is More Precioius Than Cash
You Shouldn t Brave The Power Of Death
One Day You ll Be Kill Outright
Cause The Bullet ll Be Aimed At You

A Gun Shot ll Break The Silence
And There ll Be A Smell Of Gun Powder
Blood ll Spurt Out From Your Head
And Your Body ll Lie On The Ground