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Lyric That s the way life is

My friends keep telling me the same
But in the night I call your name
And then I turn around just to find
An empty space
Where you used to be thinking of me

I ve been waiting so long
Just to show you the way
I ve been crying for you
So please won t you stay
I ve been down on my knees
Just to show how I care
So please don t leave me
Crying here

The thing called love won t be the same
When you re not here, I m so in pain
Well, life goes on, I just can t seem to find my way
Without you by my side
I can t live my life


It s all so wrong, our love was meant to be forever
I can t believe that you won t stay
I know some day you ll come running back to me
I just don t know if I can wait