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Lyric It Don t Get Better

Woke up this morning with my head so heavy
Thought about leavin on the next train comin
Sometimes it gets so easy runnin from town to town
But changin beds won t change this feelin
That I m gonna drown
Too many hearts are broken, we never ask why
Too many sunsets, just passin us by
Come on down, don t be shy
Do you wanna be happy or you wanna be right

It don t get much better than this
There s nowhere left to run to
No use worryin bout what you missed
Cause here it is baby
It don t get better than this

We talk and talk and never know what it means
It really doesn t matter cause
Nothing s ever what it seems
All I ever wanted is here with you
But sometimes baby I get
Wrapped up and confused

Let s go on down to the edge of the sand
Take some time, take my hand
So much here we don t understand
So kiss me like the world s gonna end