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Lyric This Is The Hour

(The ENGINEER, in peasant clothes, is brought back to the city from a
re-education camp by THUY S soldiers. THUY instructs him to find KIM
in exchange for its freedom. The ENGINEER tracks down KIM and leads
THUY to her. Once more, she rejects his love, declaring that she s sworn
herself to CHRIS. The enraged THUY, now the people s commissar,
orders his soldiers to attack. They wreck the room and beat up the

are you waiting for them to kill me?
did you not get what he said?
there s a big screw loose inside you
I will rip it out of your head

that s a mad dog on the rampage
if you think he ll change, save your breath
just say "yes", I don t care if you love him
Princess, life has it all over death!

I have a husband I love
real as the sun in the sky
I cannot live with a lie

do you see now who has the power?
do you still think crazy things?

Chris will come to me like the Phoenix
and he ll take me off on his wings

you re a traitor to your country

if I am, then let it be

I am talking of life or death now
I am talking of staying free

so there it is now, it s time to move on
if you don t need me, I d rather be gone
two kids in love don t need strangers around

you just get out!

right! I won t make a sound

(grabs his sack and exits)

and as for you, come with me


there is a secret
that you don t know
there is a force here
I never show
you say it s treason
to keep my vow
season after season
I survived somehow
if you want the reason
I will show you now

(KIM pulls back the curtain and out runs a scared two-years old boy.
KIM hugs him.)

look, Thuy, this is my son
he has kept me alive
now you see why
I must tell you "no"

no one must ever see
this thing you re showing me
that bastard fouls our name

my baby s not to blame
for what I ve done

you must decide upon
which side you re really on
you whored to make this kid

that isn t what I did
don t touch my son

you must seem how it is when you re my wife
having that child of his brands us for life
no alternative! This child cannot live!

(THUY pulls a knife, threatening the boy.)

you will not touch him
don t touch my boy
he s what I live for
he s my only joy

you will not touch him he is my enemy
it s he turns you from me
don t touch my boy erase him from your life
even your memory
he s what I live for he s one drop in a flood
left here to taint our blood
he s my only joy our marriage bond was sworn
forget that he was born

(KIM pulls out a gun)

of course you have a gun
don t touch my little boy and now you ll shoot your cousin
and it s a U.S. gun
and do not test my will a gun that lost the war
you re the corrupted one
I m warning you, for him I ll kill go on and shoot! Don t wait
to save your bastard son
you must not hesitate

the earth moves where I stand
I feel the turning of a wheel
I feel nothing in my hand
not even the feel of steel
you will not take my child...

you don t know how to kill

I have no other choice
what I must do I will

(she shoots THUY and, at the same moment, the street pageant continues
in the street outside.)

this is the hour
this is our land
we found the power
in our brother s hand
and from a storm
pierced with life
fierce and white
the lightning came
a bright ning flame
to end the night

(a gigantic statue of Ho Chi Minh is raised in the square outside.)

one man to heed us
each girl, each boy
one voice to lead us
in a song of joy

this is the hour
this is the land

(in the room, KIM stares at THUY S body.)

(KIM puts the gun, her family shrine and a few valuables in a sack and,
taking TAM by the hand, escapes.)