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Lyric The Telephone Song

(It is the middle of the next day. CHRIS is on the telephone.)

John, is that you, buddy? Listen to me
do I sound diff rent? That s how it should be
last night I spent a whole lifetime in paradise.

hey, tell the CO I m taking all of my leave
we re gonna play house, oh John, it s like Christmas eve
we have sworn we won t see the sun for forty-eight hours

(JOHN at the Embassy, in the midst of chaos: files being packed or
burned, typewriters crated, etc.)

what are you saying? Are you out of your mind?
all leaves are cancelled, you could be left behind
Saigon is falling apart, and you d better be here

here is the news, since you ve been on the moon
cities in the boondocks are dropping like flies
wives and civilians will be shipping out soon
crowds around the Embassy have tears in their eyes
Thieu has resigned, the new regime may not hold
people at the place think we ll send the marines
we are sending nothing from what I ve been told
buddy, are you there? Do you know what this means?
sure! Time to fall in love!

John, listen fast, you did not get this call
you re the one who bought the girl for me after all
"once you re a friend, you re a friend through and through"
when you are in trouble, then I ll cover for you

not this time, the town s too hot
for one Kongai whore
ol buddy, I will not get you killed

she is no whore, you saw her too
she s really more, like... the April moon
she s been hurt, you see
both her parents died
what else could she be?

sweet as that, and she s an orphan too!
how can a guy fight that? You got one day, not two
then be back!