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Lyric Bas Days

Hey, you know
I could stand up but I have to sit, I
I do sit here to get another hear, I
I will tell it better without dinner
I only wanna, no, no, no, no, no
I better pray to God as my lawyer says
I got a bug heartache
Speak of bad days
Speak of bad days, man
Bad days, yeah!

I have to sit and take a look around for
A fat man, yeah, a fat man
I m gonna meet, sure, another else or something
A fat man, yeah, a fat man
A fat man all arounf my little body
Big city, save my mind
More heavy they are more groundy I feel
Fat man, big city

Get flesh
Meet meal
Meet steaks for a flesh deal
Meet type of big beefsteaks
I got that idea to meet a bg ham

Fat man
Fat man for me
Fat man from a big city
Sure I gotta get one

I gonna spand the night
And don t ask me with who
The great and delicious full fat bloody ball
A brand of big pig will be allright

A, ah, a big pig, ah
Big city, I feel so muddy
Big city, save my mind!
Big city, I feel so muddy
Fat man, save my mind!