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Lyric Storybook Ball

Up in Mother Goose s book up in the nursery,
Simple Simon says "I m feelin mighty sad"
Said Peter Piper s daughter,
"So am I, I thing we outhta -
do somthing that would make the kiddies glad"
Smarty Smarty, said
"I think we ll give a party"
And they called on the old woman in a shoe.
Now the cat, he brought his fiddle
and he played Hi Diddle Diddle.
What happened then, I m gonna tell to you.
Little Jackie Horner,eatin pie in the corner,
stuck in his thumb, pulled out a plum.
Little Miss Muffet, sittin on her tuffet,
said "Yum Yum, now won t you give em some?"
Georgie Porgie with his puddin and pie,
kissed Mary Quite Contrary
and he made her cry.
Little Bo Peep, lost her sheep.
She couldn t find them,
all their tails behind them.
Peter Peter pumpkin eater had a wife
and couldn t keep her,
at the ball, in the hall.
Humpty Dumpty met her and he said
"You bet, I ll get her,
and I ll make her fall and that s not all."
Old King Cole, that merry old soul,
helpin Mother Hubbard, blew his big bank roll.
Buyin lollypops and goodies for the kiddies
at the storybook ball.