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Lyric Kill Miss America

I wanna be a fucking prize winning drag queen
With the platform boots and the tombstone looks
I want the whole world to hate me
With the bolts on my neck and the gun in my dress
Tonight I m the prettiest zombie alive
I m alive, I m alive, I m alive
And I don t care what it takes I m gonna win the prize
I m gonna kill Miss America
Kill Miss America
Kill Miss America
Kill Miss America, yeah, yeah, yeah

I want you to spit when you see me
And if you don t I m gonna spit on you
I love it when they hate me
And when I win I m gonna rub it in
(pre-chorus, chorus)
I got murder on my mind
Ten seconds til death tonight
Mama s little baby s gonna die, die, die
I ll cut her throat and take what s mind