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Lyric Fatal Way

Music Myon & H.Salmi, Lyrics S.Huotari

Strong Story Telling How Dangerous Drugs Are - Fatal

You Had Your Choice You Got To Live With That
Your Life Is Taken By The Wraiths Of Lethal Ecstasy
Gutter Calls On Their Dark?N? Stony Halls
Forgotten By The God Of Us Who Died Crucified
Poison Burns It?S Running Through Your Veins
Demons Haunt Forever Fools In Their Chains
No Escape You Got To Live With That
Hell Is Here, Fuel That Hate ,You Should Be Afraid
Devil?S Hand Sweeps Your Throat You Take The

Oath Of The Goat
Burns Your Flesh With A Flame Your e Part Of The Game
Dealers Of Sorrow Take Too Much
It?S Killing Day My Fatal Way
Run Like A Dog Kill Like A Beast
It?S Killing Day My Fatal Way
Believe Me Now Just Listen To Me
Don?T Waste Your Life Or Time
For Some Shitty Little Crime