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Lyric Rape Is Fate

Birth was nothin but poppin and writin
My mom couldnt think of anything stable,
so she used her last name for my lable.
Mom coulda made miracles on thanks givin
but she didnt even know i was livin
she knew dad no more than me.
she didnt even know him
He didnt even know her
I didnt even know them
I was born into an unreal relation,
just another foster kid in whole the nation.
if she wasnt raped they couldnt make me
so rape was the fate of me.
i found out by a phone call
it hurt to hear this all:
your family isnt the reality.
i m supposed to believe this after they re attached to me?
we love you honey
are you sure after the 15 years without me?
lets reunite the torn
i have a new family... im a newborn?
What the fuck im a toy lost in a game it seems
i dont know if i should believe in a damn thing.
fuck this im single!
now those who listen might want the moral
this probable wont be very easy
but dont believe in the real
cuz the real might not be what you see