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Lyric Fool s Paradise

On the quest / For the holy Grail
Try and live / On razor s edge
Find a mountain / Or cross a valley
Why bother? / It s all for sale
True love was in her eyes
Burning truth was on her face
Even thought it was late at night
Saw her once There s no mistake

Now that we ve found this precious place . . . .
How do we keep from going crazy now?
My life was leading to this day
Watching the whole thing slip away
It s just a fool s paradise
It s just a fool s paradise
It s just a fool s paradise anyhow

Dirty stains / On brand new linen
Fresh tracks / On virgin snow
Caught a saint / While he was sinning
People scream / What do they know
Turn it off and find religion
Tune it out and find a cause
Get it up and tell the world
Don t stop, Don t ever pause

Here in this place from all our dreams
It doesn t seem to make us better now
If it will get us through the night
With all our conscience still intact
It s just a fool s paradise . . . (etc.)

Two heads / Are better than one . . .
Two hearts / Bleed so much more
Serious / But no one laughing
Why run / When you can crawl
(True love around the corner--out of reach, so hard to hold)
My life s an open letter
Tear it up--and throw it away