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Lyric You Don t Want To Fuck With Me

Yo, when I say you don t want to fuck with me
I m not talking to you girl (and woman)
Yo, cause y all want to fuck... y all want to fuck me

I stay away from danger, danger stay away from me
I kind of react on y all niggas and then I flee
Whatever you say is a mirage
And on top of that, huh, nigga fuck y all
I m the law of the land, got girls Uncle Nuggah
I gagagaga got girls on the command
I got the government lost on Gilligan Island (Nigga Please!)
By December, CIA gettin paid taxes back
>From the Candy Cane, Santa came, back in the big hurricane
You ain t shaggy anymore D8, I ain t in your ballgame
I became, ain t your doggy bag ho same
You gotta make Ol Dirty a better man
In the world if you wanna live
Fuck y all, God don t forgive
I don t answer phones
I ll never reveal the Wu-Tang secret, and if you don t believe
I ll kill your shit

Chorus: 2x
You don t want
You don t want fuck with me ( Cause my name is Ol Dirty)

Please Nigga!
You couldn t jump jump jump
You couldn t punk, you couldn t funk funk funk the shit up
My name is Dirt Dog the 18
Millimeter, shoot you up, bust you up (Fuck fuck, What?)
I drop an ambulance on a nigga
Mad trucks, runnin over niggas
I love bitches, when they front on they pussycat
You ain t gettin over like a fat rat
Hate is the method, killin all you savages
You won t be sendin me messages
I put your nigga on pause, I keep that shit on
Destroy you through your whores
Cause you ain t never had clout
You niggas on a rat drought
I never get tired, I ain t in your drama quote
Suck my dick!

Chorus: 6x
(To the ugly girls, throw your hands in the fuckin air!)
(To the ugly bitches, wave em like you just don t care!)

Yo, I m the cunt breath asshole eater
And if you let me physically eat it, it only get (burps)
Yo, the race we ll lose
I m ??? the booze
Don t eat the food!
AAAAHH! If you really want to cum
This dope game get your pussy numb

Chorus: 3x
Don t ever look at my name as bad