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Lyric Oh, Boys

First there was this guy I was dating,
we broke up.
He did something else to it later,
and she s still bearing the scars.
Then there was this nice guy he liked me,
but he did it too.
My boyfriend s the 3rd one so far,
boys keep fuckin up my car.
All these boys try to tell me they re so good.
Yea, they say they ll fix up my carburetor,
Yea, they ll check under the hood.
But they can t even get it to start up,
much less move.
They re playing pretend they re so hard,
boys keep fuckin up my car.

[x5]oh, boys
boys will be boys,
will be boys will be boys...

[x5]Boys keep keep fuckin up my car.

[x6]Oh, boys.