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Lyric You re Not Sure to See Tomorrow

[Lil Knock]
Come and say laugh time is comin love
And give em one
What? Dickin in the bed fiend
Say ow, licka fam
My style don t leave one and gal
Here come Black Stal
What? Them never know me
So strong, gal
Now, I just wan get rid of action
Me not gon rhyme, ya use protection
Soften up ya lips for this
We come fonder, we come sounder

When I do my thing, I move the crowd like aura
M to the period S, it spells horror
Makin others in my space take deep swallows
Sorta like a barber, step in my parlor
Gotta stick wit the nicest, so I light this
Light that bulb in my head, just off excitement
That trifeness I don t deal with, because it stress me
You wouldn t know how to act, if you wasn t S, g
All my M.F.C., we mad thorough
For years to come, our shit will bump through your borough
And stay, while pay, the stack like couch
If you don t know by now, you never figure it out

[Top Dog Big Kahuna]
Aiyo, once my niggas start feelin vibe, they pull out they nines
Do think it s body bulletproof, I mma show you his spine
Get loose one time, hop back the 4-5
Whoever think they clappin, can t happen, handle your B.I.
Cuz once I call my M.F.C., they wild out
If you don t wanna be a part of this, then just brake out
You don t got it all
To many M.C. s claimin they harder, soft like my balls

[Doc Holiday]
Chew on this
And if tomorrow never comes, fuck it, I m wit my sons
Blazin buns in the back room, with D.O., Cal and Ones
Got my mic check by Cleo, C.O. bitch from Riker s
Met her on the Av., tight hold the top wit biker
Short, pussy fat, first place, I chase the cat
That brakes his arm, word is bond, D-O-C is holdin heat
Wit the force, no doubt, to knock your ass off your feet
The choice is yours, hospital or the morgue

[Chorus 4X: Lil Knock]
You re Not Sure To See Tomorrow
You re Not Sure To See Tomorrow, whoa-ho

[Louieville Sluggah]
This be that bomb shit, strong arm shits in your garment
If there is a problem, I mma see you into promise
Truly yours, Ville Slug
Got your shorty, pissy off the Henny, then she drop the drawers
G.C. d all day, even by my lonely, all ways
Reppin full stretch for the pay

[Starang Wondah]
I take off my coat, pass Sean Price the L
Bitches on the side, sayin "Starang nice as hell"
We shit on these rappers, they in hell, twice the smell
My niggas in jail, forever screamin life is hell
I might as well pick up the cell, call my bitch Rakel
Who used to be my shorty, hop friend, now it s hard to tell

[Louieville Sluggah]
They say we cock-eyed, Eye of the Tiger, just like Rocky
Can t help it, when we ride shit like a jockey
Non stoppin, hit the stage, rockin and shockin
In stealth shit, for them bitch niggas not likin

[Starang Wondah]
Aiyo this is the Boot Camp show, I m your host
I love French toast and bitches that s high post
My M.F.C. back niggas down that try and get too close
Me and Henny gettin high on flights coast to coast

[Louieville Sluggah]
And once we touch ground, shit, that better be on flow
Grand tour, had better be ready to roll

[Illa Noyz]
Ready to roll, whether rhyme time or hold stroll
Slay Mongol, here to let you know tomorrow s not show
I blow, sure to bogust, that thing ain t so tough
Like any 4X4 on doughnuts, you better hold up
Show guts, I mma spill em, hot letta drill em
Lyrics evolve around your dome, like Chuck you chillin
I mma slave to the rhythm, they know how I hit em
Noyz is the undersea, circumstance niggas become victims
They know I m gon fix them, up with the meth
I m fed, I mean, I m dope like heroin on the scene
You should come clean, rhymer says you get hit with something
I m headhunting, like football players when they crunchin
All that for frontin, you should learn to listen
Showin ya acts, your dead like Apollo in exhibition