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Lyric Luck of the Draw

Once slept with a black-haired lad
Went up his apartment
Pretty quickly, things turned bad
Passion wasn´t his department
Too busy shoving poppers up his nose
to notice me
Took a chance with another
Frolicking in bed
But he couldn´t get exited
Unless i help a pillow tightly over his head
Just your average boy next door
Well they say some day prince will come
Not holding my breath anymore
You gotta kiss some frogs
You´ve heard that one before
Now i´ve kissed a lot of frogs
Am i better off than i was before
Sitting here alone chapped lips
I´ve never been a slut
Though i´ve slept with more than a few
Maybe that´s something that
I could aspire to
There´s a lotta people in this town
Who never seem to come to grips with
How they feel from the waist down
Well i´ve been reading the personals
There seems to be two kinds
Helpless romantics, or guys with
absolutely nothing on their minds
But the endless bump and grind
Living in a fishbowl
Here at the edge of the world
you can´t go west forever
Or you´ll hit ocean bottom
Looking up from the Golden Gate
I can´t see east of the Berkeley Hills
But some people wanna live in North Dakota
Maybe you can go far in Fargo