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Lyric Strip U Down

We ve made it into the doorway
We ve made it up the stairs
We ve made it into the bedroom
Where i ll take you by your short curly hairs
You start to take your clothes off
But i stop you before a thing hits the floor
Cause i can be hot to do it slowly
And there s so much i want to explore
I want to strip you down
Slowly strip you down
Totally strip you down
I d like to take some time
To let the mystery unfold
Sometimes what´s hidden
Is sexier than what is shown
It s nice to find a hard-on
But sooner than i d planned
I d rather start with a softy
And feel you hardening in my hand
For some guys sex is a formula
It seems so calculated
I would have had a lot more fun sometimes
If i d stayed home and masturbated
A good lover discovers
That patience gets rewarded
In the rush to uncover
So much goes unrecorded
So don t undress just yet
This ain t no race or contest
I want to know every inch
Before we finally get down to the bottom