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Lyric Touch My Joe Camel

I saw the billboard and thought of you
Low hanging balls, round and smooth
I don t smoke, ain t gonna start
Just cause they made public a private part
They give pleasure, let there be no doubt
I like having one in my mouth
I want to touch your Joe Camel
And while we re at it, reach out and grab it
Touch my Joe Camel
Take those shades off your head
Let s see em perched between your legs
Those frames you wear, hard and metallic
Look good on top of something phallic
Sneak up on you from the back
Reach round front, feel your hardpack
The company denies it all
They say it s not a cock and balls
Little kids, even they understand
It s not a camel s face, but a sexual gland
They don´t know what it s doing to us
I get turned on just by seeing a bus