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Lyric Vanilla

I ll do you sexual favors
But i m not into those sexual flavors
Sometimes i wish i was braver
I m vanilla
I know about ropes and whips
Handcuffs and nipple clips
That s something i m gonna skip
I m vanilla
If i really get into you
Maybe i ll sing a different tune
But i´m timid, i m telling you
I m vanilla
People should do in bed
Whatever pops into their heads
But talk to me before planning ahead
It s gotta be mutual
So you re into discipline
It turns you on the more i sting
You re liberal, but fantasize right-wing
I m vanilla
You d like some skinhead boy
To be your bootlickin bedroom toy
That s fine if it brings you joy
I m vanilla
I m happy to fantasize
Do whatever might arise
But even though i like surprises
I m vanilla
You know i ll never be
As kinky as you want me to be
If that s not enough variety
Tie someone else to your bedpost