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Lyric Turn Me On

Are you gonna turn me on?
Or are you gonna turn on me?

It s just a sense, really nothing clear
Is this desire, or is this fear?
Do I let you in, do I shut you out?
Is this control, or is this doubt?
You move so close, that I feel your sweat?
Is it time to go, but not just yet?
Here s the thing, is it love or hate?
Is it right or wrong, can we get it straight?
Can we just, get it straight?

Chorus X2

I laugh along, by the door
Play a game, still there s more
You stare so deep, it gives me a chill
Maybe we should, wait until
When it s no surprise, when I feel your weight
I can t react, it s up to fate
Up to fate

Chorus X2

Is this a dream? Is this a dream?
Touch my shoulder, could you be colder?

Chorus X6 to fade